Cox Media Group on Dart: “Flawless”



01.26.2018 | Blog, Client Case Study, News | James Cunningham

Cox Media Group on Dart: “Flawless”

Read New & Technology’s profile of Cox Media Group, as they discuss the impact Dart technology has had on their multi-pub delivery distribution operation.


  • With seven dailies and nine non-daily newspapers to deliver, Cox Media Group has plenty to keep track of when it comes to its delivery and distribution operations.
  • CMG found the solution it was looking for in Dart.
  • The publisher completed a module-by-module rollout of Dart in order to keep home delivery on track for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Austin American Statesman, Dayton Daily News and The Palm Beach Post.
  • CMG is also taking advantage of Dart’s automated recovery dispatch, delivery verification, complaint management and carrier compensation tools.
  • “We are [more than seven] months in, and we have seen relatively flawless performance of the technology.” said Mark Moyer, distribution project lead for Cox Media Group’s PCF/Dart implementation.
  • The publisher experienced a lot of business changes and said PCF was able to keep pace without missing a beat.
  • PCF’s Dart application integrates with publishers’ existing circulation management system. In CMG’s case, it rolled out DTI Circulation in 2010 to streamline circ operations. Dart now bundles all of CMG’s delivery management tools into a single platform.
  • It also provides real-time access and control to help newspapers consolidate and optimize delivery routes. Dispatchers get a full view and control of their operations, and delivery drivers can manage routes and keep in contact with their individual depot.
  • “We look forward to tapping other aspects of Dart’s robust functionality, such as when we convert to digital route books and implement its compensation and e-contracting module in early 2018.”
    Route consolidation, redelivery CMG is currently conducting a route consolidation pilot in one of our Atlanta branches and Moyer said the publisher is eager to reap the benefits of Dart’s route optimization strengths across its distribution landscape this year.
  • “The quality of support during our pilot program, training, and rollout of the delivery, routing and tracking software has been strong and consistent.”

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