Hearst SVP: Future of Newspapers is Strong



11.15.2017 | Blog, Insights, News | James Cunningham

Hearst SVP: Future of Newspapers is Strong

At a recent talk, Hearst SVP, Lincoln Millstein asserted newspapers that invest in journalism will sustain.  READ MORE...…

10.23.2017 | Blog, Insights | James Cunningham

Millennials Subscribing to News Publications in Record Numbers

As President Donald Trump wages daily war against the press, millennials are subscribing to legacy news publications in record numbers—and at a growth rate, data…

10.19.2017 | Blog, Insights | James Cunningham

Michigan State Study: Print Ads Spur Newspaper Readers To Shop

https://www.newsmediaalliance.org/preprint-ads-spur-shoppers/  …

03.07.2017 | Blog, Insights | James Cunningham

Print will be here for decades

Addressing Mega-Conference attendees, a representative from the Poynter Institute stated print would not reach the end of its run in the near future and it…

02.24.2017 | Blog, Insights | James Cunningham

Survey Says:
top ten dart features

In a recent survey, independent distributors using Dart overwhelmingly named the following as their top ten, most highly-valued, useful and convenient features and functions of…
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